Introducing Made4Mac Wall Mount. 

We often leave our portable computers in vulnerable places where they are at risk for being stepped on or sat on, knocked over, an object dropped on or the unforgiving liquid spill. 

The Wall Mount can be displayed in two different ways: horizontal or a bold and intriguing 45 degree angle. There is an integrated channel on the bottom of the mount for the power cable to fit into. Each mount has felt inside the pocket to protect it and is made from carbonized strand-woven bamboo. We like bamboo for its sustainability and carbonized strand-woven bamboo looks like ordinary woodgrain. We offer the mounts in two colors: natural, as shown here and chocolate. *Pictures to come.

Some suggestions for use:

  • Bedside 
  • Kitchen
  • Shared Work Spaces (politely stores computer while not in use).
  • Desk (if plugged into an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, the computer can still be used while in the mount,)
  • Office
  • Dorms

For about the same cost of a computer case, you can display your computer in a safe and elegant way. 


*Our wall mounts were designed to work with an Apple Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and MacBook Pro w/Retina.

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