Art Studio Update

I finally had some extra time to work on the art studio this weekend.  By the end of the day tomorrow, the four walls will be up, the exterior will have plywood, and the roof ridge beam and (hopefully) the trusses will be in place.  We rotated the entry wall 45 degrees, and expanded the interior from 8' x 12' to 12' x 12'.  That will make a huge difference in workable space.  Two of the large, reclaimed windows that were originally going to be installed vertically were instead stacked horizontally on the West wall to allow lots of light, especially in the summer months.  



Barn Wood Credenza

This Week In The Shop: Barn Wood Credenza

We are close to wrapping up the barn wood credenza we were commissioned to build. This wood is reclaimed from a barn that was built during the turn of the century, in Eugene, Oregon. Home of the Oregon Ducks and about 90 miles from our shop in Canby, OR. The patina and nail holes in these pieces are rich with history and really add to the beautiful character of this credenza. The credenza will go under an existing guitar display, made from barn wood that is built into the wall of his office. We can't wait to deliver this to Sean.


Keeping It In The Family

Dan's son Andrew is finishing up his FIRST build. This is for a school art project. He gets full credit for a whole class by completing this project. Oh, and Andrew is 14 years old!! This is made from reclaimed tropical hardwoods. Way to go Andrew!

And the finished product. A gift to his Mom. Way to go Andrew!

And the finished product. A gift to his Mom. Way to go Andrew!

Art Studio Project

We got started on a new art studio project today.  Well, actually the foundation was installed a while back, but now is when the fun begins!  We have been collecting reclaimed windows and doors to feature.  We are even able to reuse lots of lumber from a construction project.  The end result will be a space the artist can retreat to and have a place of her own.  I can't wait to get this one finished.  It will definitely be full of vibe!  More pics and details as we build.


Tim Meaney barnwood office table

 We got the base of the table assembled and  glued up. We are now waiting on the table top to dry. We decided to secure the table top to the base with L brackets that we could hide between the corner brace and the legs. That way the table maintains it's rustic reclaimed barnwood look. 

We can't wait to get this table finished and take some pics of the final product. Tim is super excited and we look forward to revealing it to him soon. This is going to be one very nice table.  


here we are contemplating the best pattern before glue up.